Strange story: The man took 6 years to park his car at every spot of a supermarket

On a random day, Gareth Wild set himself the duty to park his car at every possible location of a local supermarket.
Finding a free parking space while going to the supermarket can be a nuisance for drivers at some point. Some have even made this a goal to conquer in life like Gareth Wild living in the Bromley area, Greater London, England. This guy spent 6 years to fulfill his “glorious” goal of parking at every location of a supermarket.

The story begins six years ago, while moving groceries into the car outside a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Bromley, he wondered what it would feel like if he could park the car in any position. . In other words, what would things be like if, instead of looking for a vacant position, he invested his time and effort into completing this rare challenge?

Sharing with KentOnline, once he got home, Gareth immediately explored the top view map of the car park, and removed the sites reserved for people with disabilities and motorbikes, but included locations for family. In total, he counted 211 seats. Gareth initially envisaged that he could complete the task in four years, with only one week going to the supermarket to buy items.

But because of the pandemic in 2020, it took Gareth six years to complete his mission as he proudly announced it to everyone on Twitter last week. During this time, Gareth went through three different cars and went shopping many times with impatient children, screaming why their dad had spent so much time waiting for a parking spot.

This challenge may not sound complicated, but it is actually more impressive than you think. Gareth approached the problem thoughtfully, with a spreadsheet and diagram of all possible parking lots, marking the parked positions with each ride. For the popular and rarely vacant positions, he had to make special trips at the end of the supermarket opening hours.

Gareth Wild currently has a job in the film production industry, so he knows how dumb and crazy his task is, no matter how much he is being hailed as the hero of the supermarket car park. For those who love challenges looking to follow Gareth, he shares his diagrams and methods on social media.

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