Tesla again Increases Model 3, Model Y Price In The US

The electric vehicle market has grown very well in the past year. Tesla has raised the prices of its models several times over the past year. To own the Model 3 Standard Range Plus, customers must pay $ 39,990. For the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor, customers will have to pay $52,990.

And now Tesla has once again raised the prices of its models.
Specifically, customers will have to spend an additional $2,000 for the Model 3 SR+ ($41,990) and $1,000 more for the Model 3 Performance. The Long Range AWD model is still priced at $49,990.

As with other models, the price of the Long Range Dual Motor Model has also been increased. For example, the Long Range Dual Motor, has seen its price go up by $2,000 (to $54,990), while the Performance model’s price was increased by $1,000 to $61,990. case.

As for the reason for the increase in car prices, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, said the main reason for the price increases is connected to the global chip shortage that’s made worse by the ongoing fight against the pandemic.

As for the Model S, Tesla says nothing has changed. In fact, the price of this model has been adjusted up since last August. It went from $79,990 to $84,990 and then to $89,990 in just under a month, and aside from the aforementioned factors that determined the rise, another Model S-specific reason was that the manufacturer was diligent on delivering the top-of-the-range Plaid model and it put less emphasis on lower-powered variants.

For the Model X, Tesla has continuously raised prices in the past year. The Model X’s price was rising from $89,990 to $94,990 for the Long Range model, and then rising again to the current value of $99,990.

Source: Motor1

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