The $4000 Electric Car Dominating China

VIDEO: These are electric cars that are trending in the Chinese market. $ 4000 electric cars dominate China.

With a selling price of nearly 4,200 USD, the small electric car Mini EV of the Chinese automaker attracts tens of thousands of customers to order after a short time of launching to the market.

Mini EV is a small electric car line, manufactured by SAIC-GM-Wuling – a joint venture between General Motors Corporation (GM), SAIC (also known as Shanghai Auto) and Wuling Automotive of China. distribution. Appeared in China – the largest auto market in the world from July 22 through the Chengdu Auto Show 2020, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is priced at 28,800 yuan, equivalent to 4,164 USD.

With a relatively soft price, targeting young customers and first-time car buyers, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV soon achieved success in just a short time of launching to the market.

The US-China joint venture SAIC-GM is storming the Chinese market with its Mini EV, with sales on par with Tesla. But what does it mean for companies, for China and for the rest of the world?

There seems to be a distinct hurdle for China when it comes to trading – things don’t quite work as well as between the US and, say, the UK. Restrictions are placed on what can be imported as well as exported across its borders. However, Chinese auto company SAIC, the name behind the revival of British brand MG, has partnered with multinational giant General Motors to create a mass-market electric vehicle. .

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