The brave woman grabs the dog thief’s car for $ 10,000

Alize James was on the front of the Honda Accord while chasing the thief. They took away a dog that cost 10,000 USD.

Today, the difficult economy can make people even cruel to carry out stupid actions such as stealing pets to sell for money. Of course, illegal acts like this are not always going well, and an anonymous 21-year-old woman in Texas, USA, has a valuable lesson for her behavior.

The young woman stole a puppy from a pet store in the Houston area, but was met with fierce resistance from a female store clerk. Security camera footage from the store shows a 21-year-old woman and a male accomplice stealing the dog after they briefly distracted an employee named Alize James. As they fled from the store to an old Honda Accord sedan in the parking lot, Alize chased after. It all got even crazier after that.

While chasing, Alize tried to stop the couple from driving but ended up being thrown onto the nose of their car. But the female culprit still pressed the gas to run away from the scene. Video captured by another driver on a busy street shows Alize clinging to the front of the Accord as its driver is accelerating and squeezing through traffic. “I could barely hold it,” Alize said. “I was very scared.”

The dog thieves refused to slow down, but in the end, they stopped. That was when the man jumped out and punched Alize and threw her out of the car. Thanks to security footage from the store, the police have found the culprit driving. She was arrested and charged with aggravating property robbery with a deadly weapon.

Currently, the young woman’s male accomplice is still in hiding, but the police are confident that he will be arrested soon. Why would this couple want to steal a puppy? Because it’s a purebred puppy that’s said to be worth $ 10,000. That is a lot of money in the difficult economic situation.

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