The flying taxi reaches an unbelievable speed: 289km / hour

Recently, Lilium Jet, a company specializing in German aerospace technology, announced the flying taxi model can reach speeds of 289 km / hour.

This 7-seater taxi is a special upgrade from its previous 5-seater taxi. It can achieve cruise speeds of up to 289km / h, at an altitude of 3048m and a range of over 250km.

This unique product uses Lilium Jet’s exclusive Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust (DEVT) technology, integrated with an electric jet engine that offers the advantages of payload, aerodynamic efficiency and low noise, while providing grants thrust vector control to control Lilium jets through all phases of flight.

The interior of the cabin is also designed to bring spacious and comfortable to 6 passengers in one move.
“Our goal is to create a sustainable and accessible high-speed mode of transportation for every community. Presently, the transport infrastructure is deteriorating. Is it costly to move? Less individual time, area and large amount of carbon emissions.

As such, we pursue our unique electric jet technology as it is the key to higher capacity aircraft, with lower cost per seat mile while delivering low noise and minimization. is polluted the environment, “said Daniel Wiegand, co-founder and CEO of Lilium.

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