The Lada is made into a Russian 3-wheeler

The experimental Lada cars of “Garage 54” always bring to the audience interesting moments of entertainment.

When the snow began to fall in Russia, the “Garage 54” team also began to launch their crazy experiments. The proof is that the Lada transforms into a 3-wheeler as shown in the video below. It may not be the most bizarre custom Lada of the Russian bunch, but it certainly offers a more enjoyable driving experience than previous 6×6 Ladas, 14-wheeled Ladas, or legged Ladas.

Why is that? As you can see, this Lada custom project is more than simply replacing the two rear wheels into a single wheel. Instead, it gets giant wheels with oversized off-road tires that need to cut off most of the trunk. The wheel is even so large that the “Garage 54” has to create a special “three differential” setting to ensure the gearshift is low enough for the engine to handle. It also means that the car now has its own custom drive shafts, custom axles, as well as custom suspension (no suspension to be exact).

After completing the construction work, “Garage 54” decided to take his unique 3-wheeled Lada for a test drive, and things became even more interesting. Because of the installation of many reduction gears, this Lada cannot reach high speeds, but its operating appearance looks very funny. With an extremely large wheel and no rear suspension, the occupants clearly did not have a truly smooth, balanced experience. Watching the video, we see the car constantly tilting to the sides, but at least not enough to cause the car to flip to the side.
In the end, the host of “Garage 54” commented that the new experiment ran quite well, and was more interesting than expected. Moreover, it has successfully completed the task of attracting the attention of passersby thanks to its strange appearance

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