The man attaches a jet engine to a bicycle and flies at a speed of 133 km/h

Unfortunately, the “jet bike” did not last long because it violated dozens of regulations on road traffic safety. A 37-year-old Taiwanese man became an internet star after deciding to mount a jet engine on his bicycle. Not only did he build the machine, but he also tested it on the street himself. As a result, he and his bicycle flew away like flying, reaching a speed of 133 km / h in just 30 seconds.

According to local media, Wang Nan has dreamed of owning a remote control jet since he was a child, but unfortunately never got the chance. To fulfill his childhood dream, the 37-year-old wanted to take things to the next level, and he did.

Vuong Nam spent about 11,900 USD to install a remote control jet engine on his bike. It took him 3 weeks to complete the project and make sure everything was working properly before running it for the first time. Vuong Nam even turned to a professor to help him design a sustainable motor stand.

The bike that Mr. Vuong chose to install the engine on is also a sturdy machine, capable of bearing a load of more than 200 kg. The car has a carbon fiber and aluminum frame, and is equipped with tires that can withstand any impact at high speed.
Instead of a proper fuel tank, he used a regular one. Because that pot did not have a large capacity, it only helped Vuong Nam fly for about 30 seconds. But that was enough for him and the car to reach a speed of 133 km / h. He didn’t miss the chance to capture the crazy stunt, and the video went viral on Chinese social media platforms.
However, Wang Nan’s joy was short-lived as he soon discovered that his test had violated many road traffic regulations. As a result, the jet engine was removed from the bike.

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