The world’s first hydrogen-powered bicycle

Design firm StudioMOM created the LAVO bike, a small vehicle that uses hydrogen for long-distance travel instead of a heavy battery pack.

Designed to bring people closer to a zero-emission society as bicycles become more popular in congested cities, LAVO bicycles overcome some of the common shortcomings by equipping them with storage technology. hydrogen LAVO System.

LAVO System is the world’s first and only commercial hydrogen energy storage system, meeting the daily needs of residential and business use. The technology used on LAVO was developed by leading researchers at the University of New South Wales to provide a more complete, flexible and sustainable solution than other energy storage methods on the market.

LAVO bikes are equipped with a small hydrogen tank weighing only 1.2kg, which collects hydrogen from water and provides electricity for the bike. The company’s proprietary system converts electricity from solar cells using an electrolytic device, then splits water into hydrogen and oxygen before long-term storage. The car fully charges in 10 minutes and has a range of 150km.

In addition to the frame made from ultralight materials, the LAVO bike also has a modular design, allowing for easier repair or upgrade of parts. The car is suitable for moving in the city and for carrying light goods. If all goes according to plan, this model will go on sale this year.

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