This 3-turbo jet truck can easily reach a speed of 536 km / h

Shockwave is a member of the family of tractor trucks equipped with jet engines in the US, and is capable of reaching top speeds of over 600 km / h.

Today, trucks are a great way to drive anywhere, especially pickups. Modern pickup models are both practical and comfortable enough to get you from point A to point B in comfort. But then we also have “awful” trucks like the Shockwave.

It is a jet-powered tractor truck that each race against an airplane and win. It is a member of the famous jet-engine truck family, installed not 1 but 3 jet engines in the back that will make a very eye-catching fire when showing speed on the track. .

More specifically, the Shockwave is a specially built racing truck with three J34-48 Pratt & Whitney turbojet engines. These engines were originally used for the T2 Buckeye aircraft of the US Navy. When you combine these 3 jet engines, you will have a total capacity of up to 36,000 horsepower. Shockwave has been racing with planes at events across North America and has won most of the time.

Every time this monster car shows its power on the track, you will witness great sparks gushing out behind it, feel the scary heat and noise from afar. With a huge amount of horsepower, you should not blink while tracking this car on the drag track, because just a few seconds is enough for it to run all the way.

Shockwave is owned by Darnell Racing Enterprises, a company headquartered in Springfield, Illinois. It consumes about 941 liters of fuel per km, and will consume even more when the rear auxiliary combustion chambers are activated. To brake speed, the driver needs to use 2 sets of parachutes. Completion time of 0.25 miles (about 402 meters) of this extraordinary truck is only 6.6 seconds, an achievement that many supercars have to respect.

One of the only original parts left on the car is the dashboard, and on top of this is a 0-300 mile / h (483 km / h) speedometer. This tachometer is not enough to measure the current maximum speed of the vehicle. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Shockwave holds the record for the highest speed jet truck when it ever reached 605 km / h.

The rear jet engines are arranged in a pyramid shape. They are tilted at an angle of 3 degrees to help hold the truck weighing nearly 3.1 tons on the ground at high speed. The engine outputs are fitted with a special fuel line that transmits the crude oil to a ring-shaped combustion chamber. The engine pours crude oil into the combustion chamber, creating smoke and fire that attract attention every time it operates.

Behind the car there are also special chrome-plated exhaust pipes to create a more beautiful spark effect. It still uses traditional truck tires but can wear up to 40 kg of surface per tire at high speeds.

Thanks to all the above equipment, Shockwave can accelerate from 0-483 km / h in about 11 seconds, so that it can keep up with and beat many other jets.

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