This golfer sets a world record by hitting the ball inside a BMW M8 moving 277 meters away

It took many hits before Marcus Armitage could set a new record successfully.

It is no longer a strange thing for automakers to set Guinness World Records, but 2021 seems to be a good year for automakers to compete to set new records. In February, the Chinese car manufacturer set the record for the largest car puzzle in the world. Also during the beginning of 2021, Kia set a Guinness World Record for many drones, when these drones fired fireworks when revealing their new logo.

While it’s easy for us to sit at home and make fun of these “silly” achievements, they actually take a lot of time, coordination, and planning to succeed. Professional golfer Marcus Armitage is the one who understands this as he has also just set a new Guinness Record and also related to cars. But what record can a golfer and a BMW M8 Competition Convertible stand together?

Specifically, the challenge in this case is to set a record for “The furthest golf shot falls in a moving car”. The record that Marcus Armitage had to beat was 273 yards (249.6 meters), a distance set in 2012. Obviously, this record-setting effort didn’t just require a perfect swing from Armitage because The BMW driver must also try to use the car’s power to catch up with the ball, or brake hard if he overcomes it. As we see in the video, Armitage has failed countless times before achieving the desired success.

At one point, the golf ball hit and cracked the windshield of the M8 Convertible. On another occasion, the ball landed inside the car but then bounced out. The end result was a successful shot with a distance of 303 yards (277 meters), easily beating the previous record. BMW Motorsport driver Paul O’Neill was the first to realize that the previous world record was broken when his shout came from the cockpit. Armitage also burst into joy when he learned that the ball had landed perfectly in the car.

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