This is Future-E – The hydrofoil concept is likened to the “flying car of the yachting world”

Currently, Future-E only exists in digital photographs, and may never be in production.

Besides expensive supercars and luxury cars, luxury yachts are also a favorite “toy” of the rich in the world. Therefore, modern yachts are also becoming more and more innovative and unique to meet the needs of demanding customers. Recently, an Italian design company called Centrostiledesign has imagined a hydrofoil yacht, a futuristic look that can almost be considered a “flying car of the yachting world”.

This yacht concept is called Future-E and will be made from recycled carbon fiber. It will be equipped with two electric motors, ensuring that it produces no emissions and does not make noise. However, the unique feature of Future-E is the 4 retractable wings, allowing it to float on water. Robb Report notes that the yacht’s hydrofoils will lengthen as it accelerates, and when traveling at 16 knots (30 km/h), the hydrofoils will enter full stretch mode. and lift the yacht out of the water.

Centrostiledesign says that their futuristic yacht design can reach speeds of more than 30 knots (56 km/h) and is equipped with an advanced dynamics system with electro-hydraulic and hydraulic actuators. gyro to reduce the impact of water waves, creating a smooth and comfortable traveling experience. Another thing that makes the Future-E even more appealing is that it has been envisioned in both Coupe and Convertible styling, plus a suicide door that sports like a car.

The detailed computer rendering shows the Future-E’s interior filled with large touchscreens with all the important controls. It also has a large captain’s seat and the second row can accommodate three passengers.

Future-E was born from the mind of yacht designer Davide Cipriani, chief executive officer of Centrostiledesign. It’s unclear if the company plans to commission construction of its hydrofoil yacht, but if it does, it could become a new luxury toy for the rich and famous.

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