This is Ottobot – New intelligent self-propelled delivery robot model launched at CES 2022

CES 2022 has witnessed the launch of many advanced self-driving delivery vehicles.

Officially opened on January 5, 2022, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has once again become a big stage for the world’s most innovative technologies and crazy machines. This year, the event hall had the appearance of an interesting team of self-propelled robots. Called Ottobot, these tiny robots are designed to make deliveries both indoors and outdoors.

The ongoing pandemic continues to affect consumer shopping behavior around the world, changing the way companies deliver goods. As a result, contactless deliveries have become more common, with robots appearing to deliver the demand.

Ottobot is the creation of technology startup Ottonomy. The company started pilot tests in 2020, and since then has perfected its product into the lovely one that appeared at CES 2022: a machine ready to rock the retail and restaurant industries. .
Designed for curbside, last-mile, and indoor deliveries, Ottobot is equipped with sensors to recognize the situation, allowing it to understand its surroundings, and detect threats on the go. To get to where it needs to be, Ottobot is capable of creating a digital map of the destination, and then localizing itself within the map, providing live updates as it runs off to deliver.
Ottonomy’s proprietary mobile contextual navigation technology allows the compact machine to navigate through crowded places and unknown contexts, such as airports. Robots can also “give a hand,” and become part of a facility’s staff to help deliver both indoor and outdoor deliveries.
Ottobot not only has a large storage space to carry packages, but also many separate cabins. This is useful when transporting various products such as food and parcels. Not only does it work to separate them, but it’s also effective when carrying multiple items at once.
In the coming months, the company plans to roll out its Ottobot across the US. To speed the adoption of its autonomous machines, Ottonomy partnered with Aro, a global leader in on-site robotics and management services. Aro will work with the startup to deploy and manage a fleet of next-generation delivery robots.

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