This is probably the true “flying car” in many people’s dreams

Up to now, flying cars are still an unrealized dream of mankind, but for Fehmi Durmus, his dream of flying a flying car seems much simpler.

In the last few years, the flying car news seems to be getting more exciting with more and more startups entering this futuristic field. However, most of those promising projects have not yet yielded actual results, except for a few prototypes that are in the testing phase and are applying for operating permits.
Besides, those flying cars of the future are not really a flying car like we have seen in fiction movies. They are actually oversized drones that will be able to carry passengers. eVTOL vehicles (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) are currently the safest option for urban air travel, by producing a vehicle that can run on land and fly in the air. the air is a very complicated thing.

Anyway, let’s put aside the fanciful flying car projects and come up with a true flying car, even if it is just a tiny car. In a new video that has gone viral on the internet, agricultural engineer Fehmi Durmus has attracted the attention of many people while paragliding in a tiny car while paragliding in the Gultepe area of ​​Istanbul, Turkey.
In addition to being an agricultural engineer, Durmus is also a tandem paraglider, and he told NewsFlare the new venture idea came from a challenge. Like many daredevils, it all begins with the question “What if?”. The minicar shown in the video is a car on display at a friend’s workshop of Durmus, but from the looks of it, it could be a Volkswagen kids electric car.
In order for the stunt to go smoothly, Durmus said that all safety precautions were taken before and during the flight. “It is important to emphasize that I never violated any of the safety precautions,” he explains. “I strictly follow the safety rules and I do not put myself or anyone in danger when using a paraglider.”
In short, Fehmi Durmus’ video may not be enough to ease the frustration of those who dream of real flying cars, but at least it will bring them moments of joy, and maybe it will. is an inspiration for someone to design a flying car that combines paragliding in the future.

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