This is the Swiss-Mile Robot – A machine that combines “3 in 1” with the functions of cars, 4-legged animals, and people

The Swiss-Mile Robot can be applied to a last-mile delivery solution, and shows how versatile the robots of the future can be.
Thanks to the continuous development of technology, the field of robotics has made great strides, and today’s robot models are becoming smarter and more flexible than ever. An example is this 4-legged, wheeled robot called Swiss-Mile Robot.

The name of this robot model is taken after the company that developed it. Swiss-Mile is part of ETH Zurich, a public research university in Switzerland. This new robot model retains the design of a previous version called ANYmal, except now its legs have wheels, allowing for more complex movements. It can now use those wheels to crawl the ground, stay upright, overcome obstacles, climb stairs, and more.

According to the Swiss company, last-mile delivery requires the adoption of small-scale, fully electric self-driving solutions to help ease traffic congestion in urban areas and reduce CO2 emissions. and also meet the growing demand from consumers.
With that in mind, Swiss-Mile has created a 3-in-1 robot that combines the same features as: cars, 4-legged animals, and humans. Able to run at 22 km/h, it was developed as a flexible platform for last mile deliveries, potentially outperforming light delivery drones and other similar vehicles.
The Swiss-Mile Robot is equipped with LiDAR and GPS sensors and can carry tools, goods, sensors, materials and a variety of other items, both indoors and outdoors. It can stand upright, use its front legs as arms, grab packages, and carry them into its cargo hold.
Swiss-Mile claims the robot model is 83% more efficient than legged systems and has a maximum payload of 50 kg. Although the company has yet to mention the price of this smart 3-in-1 robot, it plans to commercialize it in 2022.

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