This is the world’s fastest Lego model, built after the Spania GTA Spano

This 1:8 scale Lego GTA Spano can reach speeds of up to 36.5 km/h, worthy of a supercar in the “Lego brick” village.

For most people, Lego bricks are simply a fun children’s toy, but for others, they can be a tool for setting impressive records. The sports car company Spania GTA recently teamed up with the BuWizz team to create a 1:8 scale Lego GTA Spano model equipped with an electric motor, and it is indeed a special Lego model. . Specifically, this tiny supercar was able to set a new record, becoming the fastest Lego model in the world.

Specifically, the supercar model has reached a maximum speed of 36.5 km / h. Of course, this speed is nothing when compared to the real Spano, a supercar that can reach a top speed of 370 km / h thanks to the 8.0-liter twin-turbo V10 engine, producing 925 horsepower and 1,220 Nm of maximum torque. The Lego version cannot fit the V10 engine, but in return it has 10 BuWizz electric motors for motion, plus 5 more electric motors to control other features.

The build team uses five BuWizz 3.0 Pro controllers to handle everything, which they can easily control via a customizable iOS or Android app, and Bluetooth connectivity. The display can show important vehicle information, such as power, acceleration, and even G-force when cornering. The Lego model looks like a miniature and exact replica of the Spanish supercar that debuted in 2010. It’s made up of 3,880 Lego pieces, and even includes a detailed interior.

Lego models and imagination help bring car culture to children who are too young to drive, or can enjoy a Formula 1 race. But the scale 1 Lego GTA Spano model This :8 shows that adults can also have fun with toy bricks. Small electric motors can turn a Lego model into a speeding remote control car, and open up a whole new world of limitless creativity.

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