This is Voxan Wattman – The fastest electric motorcycle in the world, setting a speed record of 456 km/h

Within a year, Voxan Wattman was able to break its own speed record thanks to the proper upgrades.

A year ago, the famous champion Max Biaggi set the world record for the fastest electric motorcycle with the Voxan Wattman, reaching an amazing speed of 408 km / h. This time, the Wattman joined him for an even more dramatic record-setting run as it successfully reached a top speed of 456 km/h

A new speed record was set at the Kennedy Space Center Launch and Landing Facility on November 22, 2021. Voxan’s motorcycle has won a new world record in the “model” category. electric car under 300 kg partially lean”, reaching a specific speed of 283,182 mph (455.737 km/h) with Max Biaggi at the helm.

The speed of the Voxan Wattman is assessed from the start of the 1 km mark in opposite directions over a period of 2 hours, as specified by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (International Motor Federation). The final speed for the record is the average of the two speeds obtained in these two runs.
A day earlier, a non-lean version of Wattman was also put to the test track. As a result, the final speed broke another record when the car reached a speed of 229,675 mph (369,626 km/h) in the “under 300 kg non-lean electric motorcycle” class.
In total, Voxan’s electric motorcycle model broke 21 speed records between November 18 and 23. These achievements are thanks to recent upgrades to Wattman. Its upgraded battery pack design (both mechanically and electrically) has reduced weight, and allowed the car to compete in the new class.
Now, this super-fast motorcycle has more power when using the Mercedes EQ Formula E powertrain, producing 429 hp and 1,360 Nm of maximum torque. The new Wattman also has a longer wheelbase and increased saddle height, which improves stability and through-the-air.
Following the new achievements, Gildo Pastor, President of the Venturi Group, said: “In less than a year, we have succeeded in reducing the weight of the motorcycle, while increasing power and efficiency. improving its stability Following the records we set in November 2020 in the ‘over 300 kg’ class, these 21 new records are another great bonus for the Venturi Group, for Max Biaggi, and to our key partners Saft, Michelin, and Mercedes.”

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