This Lego Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 is life-sized, weighing up to 2,050 kg

For the purpose of promoting the new Toyota Land Cruiser, the Toyota UAE branch has commissioned a life-size version of the Lego car to be assembled.

Making life-size Lego cars is not an easy challenge, but it is an interesting form of product promotion that is guaranteed to attract the attention of others. Therefore, a Toyota branch in Dubai – where the huge Japanese gasoline SUV is considered the king, decided to create a new Toyota Land Cruiser out of transforming bricks.

Specifically, the Lego Land Cruiser is authorized by Al-Futtaim Toyota, Toyota’s exclusive distributor in the UAE. It was assembled by a professional Lego modeler, using more than 440,000 pieces.

While the Lego Land Cruiser doesn’t ride like the full-size Lego Supra that debuted before, it’s still a faithful reinterpretation of the iconic SUV. It weighs about 2,050 kg and is 4,950 mm long and 1,880 mm high, making it as big and heavy as the real car. Toyota says that it took 12 people and 2,688 hours of labor to develop and assemble this “giant toy car”.

“At Al-Futtaim Toyota, we pride ourselves on consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations, whether it’s in terms of compelling product lines, or finding new and unique ways to get closer to our customers. more,” said Andy Baratt, chief executive officer of Al-Futtaim Lexus and Al-Futtaim Toyota. “We hope that the Lego Land Cruiser will spark the childishness in each of us and delight Land Cruiser and LEGO fans across the UAE.”

The Lego Land Cruiser will be on display alongside a real LC300 in Dubai until December 15, and anyone will be able to look and photograph it comfortably.

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