Toyota DMT – The ideal “mobile office” concept van was born 20 years ago

Toyota DMT can be considered as a product ahead of its time, especially before today’s van life trend.

As one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Toyota has created many interesting concept cars over time, and each one is geared towards a certain goal, whether it’s a foresight or a foresight. for a production car or a solution for the future society. Twenty years ago, Toyota introduced an odd concept called the DMT at the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show, and it was an ideal vehicle for remote working and life on the road.

Regarding the name, DMT is an acronym for the phrase “Dual Mode Traveler” (roughly translated: “Two-mode tourist car”). In it, the word “dual mode” refers to the hybrid nature of this van, because while the front end looks normal, at the back it has been designed to be a space. Versatile for owners to utilize.
Specifically, Toyota DMT has set up a fully equipped office in the rear space. However, it is intended to be a flexibly adaptable space, with potential limited only by the car owner’s imagination and budget. It has a partition between the front cabin and the rear space, but this partition includes a door for quick access to the rear. Basically, it’s a true mobile office.
Toyota doesn’t provide many details on what’s under the bonnet, but we do know that the DMT is powered by a 2.4-liter petrol engine that was also found in the RAV4 and Previa models of the time. However, if the DMT goes into production, it will probably receive one of the Japanese automaker’s hybrid powertrains.
While the DMT’s looks may not be as dramatic (except for the sunroof with a folding roof), its interior space is an unforgettable feature. The front cockpit looks very spacious, without creating the feeling of stuffy space that you often see in a working van. At the same time, we also see the presence of light wood surfaces, luxurious and futuristic looking seats with quirky headrests, large control buttons on the center console, and instrument panel. full length emitting an attractive blue light.
It’s a pity that the Toyota DMT only exists as a concept and has not been put into production. Fast-forwarding to 2021, it suddenly becomes more attractive and relevant in the context of many people working remotely, and the rising trend of van life in many parts of the world.

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