Toyota GR Supra with a beautiful Lamborghini-style door kit

Vertical Doors offers a special door switch kit for the new generation Toyota GR Supra, making the Japanese sports car even more outstanding.

Before Toyota cut the roof of a GR Supra to create the Toyota GR Supra Sport Top concept, a group of Japanese students made their own convertible GR Supra. Displayed at Toyota Auto Salon 2020, the handcrafted convertible Toyota GR Supra is based on a Lexus SC430 Convertible with body parts from the A90 Supra and a 2JZ I6 engine under the hood.

One of the most distinctive features of the convertible Toyota GR Supra is that it has a pair of scissor doors like the Lamborghini Aventador. Of course it’s just a unique project and Toyota doesn’t offer a scissor door option at all, so if someone desires a GR Supra with Lamborghini-style doors, they have absolutely no chance – until now.

Vertical Doors

To fill this gap in the market, an American company called Vertical Doors is touting a scissor door switch kit for the GR Supra if you want a Japanese sports car to stand out from the crowd. Made in the US from hard steel, the scissor door is compatible with the Toyota GR Supra from 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Retailing for $ 2,199 plus shipping, the scissor-type door latch kit comes with GR Supra’s factory production latch model. In theory, this makes it easy to install with basic tools and does not require welding at all. However, Vertical Doors recommend that the car owner is best to turn to a professional mechanic, who has the tools to perform the door conversion.

The door kit shown in the video is a prototype, but the company is currently taking orders. To make the GR Supra in the video even more eye-catching, it was fitted with a widebody HKS kit. By now, this is probably the first A90 Supra in the world with scissor doors. They look stylish, but frankly it’s not very realistic. That’s why the Vertical Doors kit is also fully reversible.

Source: Vertical Doors, tinxe

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