Toyota President Akio Toyoda: Electric vehicle development is not a measure to protect the environment.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda said that countries are too in a hurry to develop electric vehicles, eliminating internal combustion engines. Because electric cars do not protect the environment at all as people think.

According to Mr. Akio Toyoda, electric cars are not good for the environment. In a speech at a recent press conference, the Toyota president announced Japan would run out of electricity in the summer if all vehicles were powered by electricity. The infrastructure needed to support the conversion of internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles will cost between $ 135 billion and $ 358 billion, Toyoda said.

“When the politicians out there say let’s get rid of all the internal combustion engines, do they really understand the problem? If Japan rushed to ban the internal combustion engine car, the current business model of The auto industry will collapse, “said Toyoda.

Toyota is still quite cautious in producing electric cars, despite having implemented fuel cell technology for a long time.

Besides, Toyoda’s criticism of electric cars does not stop there, since Japan uses the majority of electricity from burning coal and natural gas, so electric cars are not really useful for environment. “The more electric cars we build, the more carbon dioxide we build,” added Toyoda.

According to its development orientation, despite pioneering in fuel cell technology, Toyota is quite limited in electric vehicles. In recent times, the company has also had more open ideas about electric vehicles and is developing those ideas into products. Toyota is also said to be leading the way in solid-state battery development.

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