Toyota UUV – muscular off-road vehicle from Sienna and Tacoma

The off-road Toyota UUV made from Sienna bodywork and Tacoma chassis shows that the Japanese automaker can make a bold, muscular and high-tech car if they want.

Toyota has a reputation for making the most reliable cars in the world, and the Japanese company has failed to achieve it in a safe way or consistently disrupting the framework. They built their reputation by continually learning and improving and dissatisfied with what they have achieved. That has been clearly shown through the all-new Toyota UUV concept in this article.

The UUV is a unique concept from 2015 that looks like a baby from Toyota Sienna and Tacoma. In other words, it is like a “muscle” truck, with an aggressive stance that makes you think that this is the look of a family-friendly Sienna if it suddenly decides to roll to the gym.

The UUV name is an acronym for Ultimate Utility Vehicle, and although it never entered production (Toyota probably never sold a muscle like this), it has been used for many other things. First, the UUV was one of the Toyota cars that brought to the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) 2015. It quickly attracted the attention of people in both positive and negative directions, but overall Toyota knew. I have a special car in hand.

In fact, the UUV was built for a specific purpose and shows what the Japanese brand can achieve in terms of vehicle build. This bold van is made to support the Ever-Better Expedition project, the North American branch. This is a year-long, five-continental project created by Toyota President Akio Toyoda to help Toyota build better cars based on actual vehicle applications.

At that time, the UUV was the most technologically advanced car Toyota ever built, acting as a command center for Toyota engineers to track data from other vehicles under the Ever-Better Expedition project, branch. North America. That’s also why the Sienna bodywork was chosen as the base platform: Toyota needed a large car that would fit the entire team of engineers and all their gear, but it had to be sturdy enough to drive it. wherever they need it. So they opted to combine the Sienna bodywork with the 4 × 4 chassis of a Tacoma.

The interior of the car includes a TracVision mobile satellite TV receiver, Wi-Fi, internet access, multiple USB ports, 17 inch screen, 60 inch Sony LED TV, 2,500 watt JBL sound system, and Flir M-324xp night vision camera system with HD recording capability. Engineers have a captain’s seat with a laptop tray in the back, where they’ll sit to record and monitor data – and report back to the center via Skype if the other nine cars encounter problems.

Both the body and chassis are reinforced before fusing together. UUV received a 4-inch (101 mm) lift with Engaged 4-link suspension, and installed a 33 × 22-inch Nitto Mud Grappler tire set over the Monster Energy 539B 22 × 12-inch off-road wheels. . It is also equipped with an overhead lighting bar and a winch. Since the wheels prevented the Sienna door from slipping back like before, they have been modified to slide out. Meanwhile, the front doors have been redesigned in the style of suicide doors, making it easier to step inside.

Because the Toyota UUV off-road model was a technical exercise, the interior was made to look like the Sienna. That means the faders and buttons look exactly like the factory equipment, but in fact they are replicas used to drive the Tacoma pickup chassis below. In short, the UUV has many special features that are not available on Toyota commercial production vehicles.

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