Two YouTubers were given 12-month suspended prison sentences for posting videos of driving over 190 km/h on YouTube

Not only were they given suspended prison sentences, these two YouTubers were also banned from driving for 18 months and then had to take a test to be allowed to drive again.
Driving over the speed limit and recording everything to “show off” on YouTube is an unwise action. However, this still happened, and recently a pair of YouTubers had to pay the price for their rash actions.

Specifically, two 30-year-olds named David Murray and Timur Khayrov drove a Porsche 718 Spyder and a 911 GT3 from Scotland to North Wales, experiencing what they call “the best driving road in the world.” UK.” They raced this route with the aim of creating a “Top Gear” style video to share with the YouTube community, but unfortunately they made a few mistakes.

First, popular TV shows like “Top Gear” do do the same wild rides as Murray and Khayrov, but the difference is in how they do it. Not only did the pair of YouTubers fail to guarantee temporary road closures and safe driving conditions, but they made things worse by posting a video on YouTube.
If you are a person who likes to follow car videos on YouTube, you must have encountered many YouTubers driving over the speed limit on a public road at some point. But it is important that the riders in such videos never state or show evidence of the real speed they achieved.
In the case of David Murray and Timur Khayrov, they did the opposite. Not only did they go as fast as 195 km / h at a time, but they also specified that speed in the video, and the camera also showed an image of the speedometer on the car. So, the local police noticed the video made last year and reached out to two YouTubers.
Now, the two men pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and were later sentenced to eight months in prison, although that sentence was converted to a 12-month suspended sentence. They must also complete 200 hours of unpaid work and must not drive for 18 months. In addition, they will have to take another test before they can drive again.

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