Unbelievable! Porsche made this swan-shaped 911

The strange swan-shaped Porsche 911 is a special product to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the German brand’s entry into the Chinese market. Last year, a digital artist named Chris Labroy delighted Porsche fans by creating flamingo-shaped Porsche 911s. While that was only part of the young artist’s imagination, Porsche seemed to have enjoyed the car and even praised the idea. However, things do not stop there, as now the German car manufacturer has made it a reality with a little difference.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Porsche dealership in China, the German brand has created a quirky yet interesting art car. According to Porsche, this swan-like art car pays tribute to the first Porsche sold in China.

Built with a 996-generation Porsche 911, but probably no one gets a chance to drive one of their own. But if you want to see it to believe it’s real, Porsche says this one-of-a-kind car will be on display in art galleries and museums around the world.

Recall a little background information about the artist who imagined this work. Chris Labroy lives in Scotland and is a graduate of the Royal College of Arts. His works are exhibited throughout Europe and the US for advertising, editorial, and publishing purposes, with clients ranging from fashion brands to airlines.

As for cars, Labrooy currently owns a 718 Cayman GTS, which tells us that his “stork” themed artwork is not out of hatred for the brand. In fact, he does it out of love for Porsches in particular, and for cars in general.

“I’ve always been fascinated with cars since I was a boy,” says Labroy. “I played with them, then I would draw them, then I would drive them in video games. Even as a kid, I’ve been playing with them. I remember watching an episode of ‘Top Gear’ where they went to the Royal College of Art and from the next day on, I told my friends that That’s where I wanted to go to learn car design.”

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