VIDEO: Russian Man skillfully repairing the crashed hull of the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

VIDEO: In this video above, Arthur Tussisk spent about 70 hours of work to help the Ferrari restore its original glossy beauty.

Repairing a Ferrari GTC4Lusso in an accident, breaking the body on one side is a job that requires precision from the most skilled craftsmen. Most of us will not have a chance to drive a Ferrari in life let alone crash, but if we do have an accident, we will definitely want to send it to the mechanic Arthur Tussik in Russia. This man rescued many luxury cars that had an accident, and this time the victim was a Ferrari.

If you didn’t know, Ferrari cars are not built like ordinary cars. These incredibly sophisticated machines are made by a team of experienced engineers in Italy who use the finest materials and techniques available. As a result, the vehicle is able to deliver incredible performance, with a high cost and extremely complex technology.

Crashing a Ferrari is not like crashing a Toyota Corolla where you can easily find brand-new spare parts. Finding new parts for an unfortunate Ferrari with an accident is difficult, or sometimes impossible, depending on how heavy the situation is.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso is a family car 4 seats, AWD drive from Ferrari. This practical Ferrari has enough room for a small family and all-weather capability, making it an affordable choice. The body panels are all made of aluminum, which helps to reduce weight, and allows Arthur to fix dented panels with ease. It is powered by a Ferrari F140’s V12 engine with a capacity of 681 hp and 697 Nm of peak torque. With all this power, it’s not hard to imagine careless drivers making mistakes while driving.

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