Video: YouTuber cleverly turns a broken Honda pickup into a fierce “little monster”

Instead of becoming a spoiled car worth throwing away, the tiny Honda pickup was given a new life. For most people, a rusty, inoperable early 2000s Honda Acty pickup is something that has little value in repair and restoration. But for someone like YouTuber “Mad4Motors” it’s a different story because he knows exactly what it takes to turn a scrap-worthy car into a fierce pickup.

First, “Mad4Motors” uses a high-pressure hose to remove all the stains on the exterior surface of the old Honda vehicle. Once completed, the YouTuber bragged to everyone about the massive off-road tires he plans to fit into his car. But before he could do that, he needed to fix the engine bay and get the car running again.

In order to facilitate the repair of the engine as well as the installation of larger tires, “Mad4Motors” used a separate set of lifting tools, which increased the suspension by 45 mm. Nor did he take the car to an exterior body shop to fix rust and distortion on the bonnet and ¼ corner panels. Instead, he decided to manually fix them with sandblast and a very ingenious little hammer.

Even the rear pickup box is well cared for with a full range of sanding, polishing, and rust removal steps. The dented rear part of the trunk was repaired by attaching a hook to the underside and slowly pulling until the sheet metal came apart, like a wrinkled canvas smoothed over a mattress.

Obviously, previous users and time were not “friendly” with this Honda Acty. But through the caring hands of “Mad4Motors”, it gradually recovered its shape as if nothing had happened.

When it was done with the bodywork, “Mad4Motors” proceeded to cover the Japanese pickup with a fierce matte black paint, and even add an extra layer of protection. The final step was to install new wheels and off-road tires and the Honda pickup was once again, ready to roll on the trails.

The before and after pictures of the Honda Acty are really different from each other. The work of “Mad4Motors” shows that no matter how bad a car is, it has a chance to “resurrect” if handled by the skillful hands of a skilled mechanic.

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