Video: YouTuber uses AK47 to test a Tesla Model X with a bulletproof windshield

Although the bulletproof windshield proved to be as resistant as advertised, some shots did not go into the original calculated position.

How to know how well a car is resistant to ballistics? The most direct and effective way is to bring it to an open field, then use all kinds of guns to attack it. That’s exactly what the YouTube channel “FullMag” did with a Tesla Model X with a bulletproof windshield from the company Armormax. This is a brand new Model X with just over 300 km on the clock, and will probably make many people feel sorry for what it has to endure in the video.

In the more than 20-minute video, “FullMag” opens fire on the Model X from very close range, and uses a variety of weapons, from AK47 automatic rifles, MP5 submachine guns, to firearms. BMG sniper. The YouTube channel’s goal is to “fire hard” at the Model X, hoping to only hit the bulletproof windshield, and then inspect the damage later. Immediately, things did not go as planned when one of the first bullets entered the front trunk lid.

As testing continues, the Model X will apparently receive more damage elsewhere, aside from the windshield. However, “FullMag” does indicate that, despite being hit by such bullets, the vehicle showed no signs of fire, a reasonable detail considering the damage locations.

Towards the end of the video, “FullMag” conducts a damage inspection of the electric SUV. The YouTube host joked that he paid for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature, so hopefully the car can still work.

During the initial inspection, the Model X had some problems with the air conditioning system. Upon closer inspection, it appears that one of the bullets went through the bonnet and damaged the AC line. Despite some other minor damage, the Tesla seems to be fine after being taken for repair.

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