Volkswagen Taigo 2022 Introducing – Coupe hybrid SUV design

The Volkswagen Taigo 2022 for Europe is actually a renamed version of the Nivus that debuted in the Latin American market last year.

Last year, Volkswagen launched a new small SUV model called Nivus in the Latin American market. After more than a year, Volkswagen brought Nivus to the European market but changed its name to Taigo.

Similar to Nivus, Polo and T-Cross, Volkswagen Taigo 2022 is also developed on the basis of the MQB A0 platform. The car has a length of 4,266 mm, a width of 1,757 mm, a height of 1,493 mm and a wheelbase of 2,566 mm. Thus, compared to Polo and T-Cross, Volkswagen Taigo 2022 has a significantly longer length. Meanwhile, the wheelbase of this model is identical to the Volkswagen Polo and slightly better than the T-Cross.

Not only is it longer than the T-Cross, the Volkswagen Taigo 2022 also has a more stylish exterior design. The reason is that this model applies the hybrid SUV Coupe style with a sloping roof to the rear.

At the front of the car, Volkswagen Taigo 2022 is equipped with smooth LED headlights with LED daytime running lights. This LED daytime running light strip is also deeply rooted in the grille, extending to the manufacturer’s logo. Below is a rather large trapezoidal central air cavity and a vertical front fog lamp cavity.

Behind, Volkswagen Taigo 2022 has taillights connected by a strip of lights in the middle. The Volkswagen logo is placed in the middle of the taillights while the Braille stamp “Taigo” is located under the rear number plate. In addition, the car also has a roof spoiler integrated with an overhead brake light.

In the European market, Volkswagen Taigo 2022 will have 4 versions as standard, Style, Life and R-Line. In the R-Line version, the car is equipped with a fake chrome exhaust tip on the rear bumper, slender reflectors extending to the sides and some glossy black exterior details such as the border around the central air cavity and the cavity. fog lights on the front of the car, surrounds around the taillights or covers on the rear bumper.

Inside the Volkswagen Taigo 2022 is an interior space that is basically the same as the Nivus in the Latin American market. However, the car is added with a more modern air-conditioning panel, similar to the new Volkswagen Tiguan, Arteon and Polo.

Notable equipment of Volkswagen Taigo 2022 in the European market includes IQ.Light matrix LED headlights, rims with diameters ranging from 16 – 18 inches, Discover Pro infotainment system with touch screen 9.2 inch, wireless smartphone charging and Digital Cockpit digital dashboard. Besides, there is the semi-automatic driving assistance system IQ.Travel Assist and a number of other driver assistance features.

When buying Volkswagen Taigo 2022, European customers can choose one of the following three engine types. The first is a 3-cylinder, 1.0-liter TSI engine with a maximum capacity of 94 hp or 109 hp. Next is the 4-cylinder TSI engine, 1.5L capacity with a maximum capacity of 148 horsepower. The powerful 94-horsepower gasoline engine will be combined with a 5-speed manual transmission. Meanwhile, the remaining 2 engine options come with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Regardless of the engine used, the car is equipped with front-wheel drive.

Currently, the price of Volkswagen Taigo 2022 has not been announced yet.

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