Watch the behind-the-scenes video of action by the explosive car of blockbuster “Fast and Furious 9”

Delayed several times due to the global pandemic, the ninth “Fast and Furious” film will finally hit theaters on June 25. Through the official promotional trailers, we can tell that the new movie will be even more action-packed, explosive and crazy. We even caught a glimpse of a car with a rocket engine to fly in the sky.

Featuring the branding of action scenes related to vehicles, a new behind-the-scenes video posted on the official YouTube channel “The Fast Saga” shows that the new film will still emphasize this point. The team behind Fast 9 did not “hold back” with the stunt cars, putting them in all sorts of situations of destruction, some scenes using real cars. While others rely mainly on CGI computer imaging technology.

Needless to say, director Justin Lin and the production team spent a lot of effort filming these scenes, including CGI-related ones. Take for example a 4-second shot of a Toyota 86 flying through a building. Justin Lin said it took 8 months to prepare and 4 days to shoot the brief scene of that few seconds. When filming ended in November 2019, Justin Lin described Fast 9 as “the most ambitious film ever in the series”.

Of course, the upcoming 9th installment won’t mark the end of the long-running franchise as Fast and Furious 10 and 11 have already been confirmed. For the time being, filming for the finale has yet to begin, so there will be some time before we begin to know how Justin Lin plans to end this hugely popular franchise.

Extra-feature films such as “Hobbs & Shaw” and the animated series “Spy Racers” have played a role in expanding the movie universe Fast and Furious, and it has recently been rumored that the character Letty Ortiz (the actress The role of Michelle Rodriguez “will receive a separate part of the film. Therefore, fans of this blockbuster will have something to look forward to in the future.

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