Watch the exciting results in drag racing between F1 cars, remote control cars, and Honda NSX

This is probably an unusual drag race, and the outcome is more unpredictable than many people think. Drag races have long been a staple of the “carwow” YouTube team, and they’re also very fond of pitting other vehicles against each other. Previously “carwow” had organized races for pickup trucks, commercial trucks, and even an F1 racing car. So what’s the next crazy race going to be?

In a new video, “carwow” brings the Honda NSX and F1 racing car back to the drag track. But this time, the race involved a third car, and it was probably the smallest vehicle they had ever put on this track. Specifically, it is a remote control car.

Of course, this is not a simple remote control car that you can find at any toy store. This one comes from Arrma RC, and it’s a very powerful little machine. It’s called the Limitless, and it’s one of the fastest remote-controlled cars in the world.

In addition to equipped with a small but powerful motor, it also has AWD drive system and active steering system that helps the car go straight at high speeds. The Arma Limitless is also very light thanks to its tiny size, so it can beat even a huge Formula 1 car. On the price front, a fully built Limitless costs around £1,400.

The F1 car in the video is from the Red Bull Racing team, and it’s certainly not a show car. The carwow team led to the 2011 championship-winning RB7, making it one of the last cars before the turbo-hybrid era, and it brought the title back to Sebastian Vettel in a good way. very convincing and dominating.

The RB7 also won 12 of the 19 races in the 2011 season. Powering the RB7 was Renault’s 2.4-liter V8 with around 750 horsepower. Power may be nothing compared to the latest supercars, but we should remember that the F1 car weighs only 650 kg. In the video, it is also driven by racer David Coulthard rather than a random driver.

As for the Honda NSX, it’s clearly not a slow machine, but it’s arguably the slowest car in this three-way race. It is also the heaviest car here with a weight of about 1,700 kg, and “only” 581 horsepower. In other words, the NSX is like a “video car” for the race.

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