Watch the Russian experiment to build a “two-stage suspension system” to help the car run more smoothly

The Russian group of the YouTube channel “Garage 54” once again gives the audience a very interesting experiment.
Have you ever sat in a parked car over a moving trailer? If yes, then you must have experienced an interesting situation that when the truck below runs through a pothole or speed bump, not only do you not feel the shaking, but on the contrary, you feel the vibration. strangely smooth as if sitting in the cabin of a luxury car above, whatever the actual car is. Why is that?

The Russian team at the familiar YouTube channel “Garage 54” hypothesized that it was because of the double suspension (1 of the car parked above and 1 of the car running below), and they decided to recreate the design. set it up on a regular car. Specifically, they used an old Lada car as a test subject, and at the beginning of the video, it is still equipped with the original suspension system. Up front is an axle from a Volga that has been modified to accommodate the Lada’s smaller wheelbase.

The idea of ​​“Garage 54” proved to be very simple, at least in theory. They had to tweak the additional suspension so that it could fit into the Lada’s existing suspension. At the same time, they wanted the car’s springs to work in harmony with the suspension springs from the Volga. “Garage 54” calls its invention a two-stage suspension system, and the video shows how the whole process of making it came about.
Of course, it’s not an easy job. Not only the suspension had to be modified, but also the entire bodywork, including the trimming of the rear fenders. Things were more difficult than people imagined because the Lada was originally rear-wheel drive, but it received its suspension from a front-wheel drive car. Result? The Russian team’s bizarre car worked well, and delivered the same effect as they intended.

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