Watch the Russian mechanic help restore a broken head BMW Z4 in under 90 hours of work

Through the hands of Russian mechanic Arthur Tussik, another luxury car was restored to health after the accident.
Over the years, BMW has produced an impressive range of models, including the much-loved Z4 roadster, a model popular in most parts of the world. Therefore, every time a BMW Z4 has an accident and is severely damaged, car owners want to have it repaired and restored instead of immediately throwing it away. However, the work of repairing such a car will not be easy in places where there is a shortage of genuine parts, for example in Russia.

That’s why Russian mechanic Arthur Tussik’s YouTube videos of repairing supercars and luxury cars are always so captivating, and recently, he posted a video about the process of restoring a BMW Z4 broken head in under 90 man-hours.

This BMW Z4 was removed from the engine by the owner before being taken to Arthur Tussik’s workshop. From what was seen in the video, it was heavily deformed from the front end, with the nose pushed inward, and even the chassis being partially damaged. This is not an easy case to fix, but the Russian mechanic still sees the possibility of restoring this roadster.
He started the repair process by yanking the engine shield out of the compartment with a set of chain hoists, but its carbon components proved difficult. He then removed the aluminum side rails that had been bent by the accident. At each stage of rebuilding the car, Tussik carefully measures each part to make sure the spare parts fit perfectly.
As for the purchase of spare parts, Tussik was lucky to find a supplier called Srotas 24 who specialized in providing what he needed and even offered international delivery. Any part that is not replaceable, Tussik tries to repair himself, usually with a hammer and soldering iron. After repairing and replacing all the parts, he reassembled the engine and fixed the front grille in place.
Getting the job done in less than 90 hours is a grueling experience for Tussik, but the Russian mechanic sees the experience as a test of his abilities. “I haven’t had such a big job in a long time,” he said after completing the repairs. “Replacing the side rails and repairing the engine shield took a long time. Many of the parts to be replaced are made of aluminum. The repair was difficult, but I did it.”

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