Watch the Russian test cut the 4-cylinder engine in half and install it in the car to see if it works

The Russian team from the YouTube channel “Garage 54” is back with a new video, and it’s absolutely breathtaking. By now, we must be no stranger to strange videos from the YouTube channel “Garage 54”. However, that doesn’t mean that “scientific” testing of a car’s components has become boring. On the contrary, the Russian team has not stopped innovating, and continues to bring out entertaining, weird, and funny car test videos for its audience.

In a new video, instead of using an old Lada car to build some monstrous machine, “Garage 54” uses only one Lada engine. Specifically, they proceeded to literally cut it in half, to turn a 64 hp 4-cylinder engine into a 32-hp 2-cylinder engine (theoretically).

As you can imagine, the point of this experiment was not simply cutting the motor in half. The goal of “Garage 54” is to have half the engine working, and as such, the actual cutting is just a simple part of the process.

Maintaining structural integrity while providing lubrication and cooling, not to mention some trade-offs with rotating parts, is where the difficulty lies. After a while of cutting here and there, the Russian team has created a complete 2-cylinder engine that can run. However, that is only half of the video.
In the next part, the Russian team of mechanics installs a new homemade engine block into an old Lada. Their goal was to discover if the engine would be enough to drive a Lada. The end result can be considered yes, but that also depends on your definition of a car that can perform well. For example, do you need a climber? Do you need high speed? Do you need your car to run stably for a long time?
Honestly, considering that all the parts in this engine have been cut in half and reused, it’s already impressive that it works. However, no one is sure that it produces 32 horsepower according to the theory of the Garage 54 team, but this is probably not important.

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