Tesla Model 3 test run with Goodyear’s hollow tires

Goodyear is another tire manufacturer working on a ground-breaking pneumatic tire. The Goodyear company is currently developing a hollow tire for electric vehicles with the intention of launching the first fully sustainable and maintenance-free tire in the market by 2030. Recently, they have released a special video. Interesting from the tests of a Tesla Model 3 fitted with prototype pneumatic tires.

“As part of our commitment to supporting mobility now and into the future, Goodyear has expanded testing of pneumatic, pneumatic tires to high-performance electric vehicles,” said Goodyear. Having successfully tested the durability of a pneumatic tire at speeds up to 160 km/h, Goodyear recently tested the alternative tire architecture at the company’s Akron Proving Grounds

According to Goodyear, in testing with Tesla Model 3, the car was able to successfully steer at a speed of about 90 km / h. It’s not easy to judge by just looking at the video, but it looks like the car has handled a bit differently than it did with normal tires – especially when it’s quick to turn.

Hollow tires are promised to be safer, maintenance-free, more durable and more environmentally friendly than traditional tyres, but of course they still have many challenges to overcome. Goodyear will take a lot of work and a long period of development and testing before bringing this revolutionary tire into mass production.

It is not clear whether this tire will be able to provide better performance and energy consumption than electric vehicles. If it does, it will be a new breakthrough and add value to zero-emissions cars.

In addition, Goodyear also announced significant advances in the development and testing of pneumatic tires in autonomous passenger vehicles. The company is participating in the first real-world use test of a hollow tire on a self-driving vehicle with the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA).

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