Weltmeister M7 2022 – An advanced electric vehicle with hardware supporting Level 5 self-driving capabilities

Weltmeister M7 2022 is a very promising electric vehicle with an extremely modern hardware system. WM Motors, also known as Weltmeister, is a Chinese electric vehicle startup that was founded in 2018. Currently, the brand is offering 4 models of all-electric vehicles, including names. like W6, EX5-Z and EX6 Plus. They recently unveiled their fifth and most exciting model to date, the M7.

The most special thing about the M7 is the fact that the manufacturer claims that it can support Level 5 self-driving capabilities. However, that doesn’t mean that the M7 will definitely be able to continuously and safely drive itself without any problems. need the driver to pay attention to the road. But theoretically, it should be able to do so with the assistance of the appropriate software. This new electric vehicle is equipped with up to 3 LiDAR sensors, and many other supporting sensor devices.

According to the Chinese car manufacturer, the M7 has a total of 32 sensors (including 3 LiDARs), which include 5 millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, 7 high-resolution cameras, 4 surround-view cameras, and more. and 1 GPS module. From the published images, the WM M7 looks very similar to another Chinese electric sedan that also uses LiDAR, the XPeng P5. It has a smooth, clean design, equipped with thin LED strips, aerodynamically optimized wheels, and hidden door handles.

Freeman Shen, founder, president and CEO of WM, said: “The more technology evolves, the more it resembles real life – this is the philosophy and R&D direction behind the WM M7. For lifelike intelligent performance, the WM M7 has three main capabilities: enhanced awareness, computing power, and evolutionary potential. Therefore, we like to call it the ‘world-first all-scenario smart mobility space’.”

Regarding the placement of the 3 LiDARs on the WM M7, one is located on the roof of the car, just behind the windshield, where it looks like a large air intake, and the other two are on the front fender, in the middle of the wheel. and side mirrors. WM Motors is able to make the M7 a Level 5 self-driving vehicle by using Nvidia’s Driv Orin-X chip, which will also be used in Nio or Volvo vehicles expected to launch in 2022. .

The WM M7 is expected to launch in China next year with a range of up to 700 km under the NEDC cycle. There is not much other information about this advanced electric sedan at the moment, such as specific powertrain specifications or price, but that information will be announced by the manufacturer closer to the release date. market eye.

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