Which Chinese small truck is the most advanced in the world?

VIDEO:  Buick GL8 Avenir Walkaround – China Auto Show. Chinese Buick GL8 Avenir is considered to be much more luxurious and modern than the American minivans like Chrysler Pacifica and Honda Odyssey.

With crossovers and SUVs dominating sales, minivans are no longer a staple of the American auto industry. However, that’s another story in China, where minivans are more popular than ever. To capitalize on demand, Buick marketed the luxury GL8 Avenir MPV inspired by the GL8 Avenir Concept and is considered one of the most advanced minivans in the world.

For the 2021 version, GL8 Avenir has been updated with advanced mid-vehicle technology (V2X), making Buick one of the first automobile brands in China to adopt technology that allows vehicles connected with each other with traffic infrastructure to improve safety.

8 vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) safety applications, including emergency brake warning, out-of-control warning, abnormal vehicle warning, intersection collision warning highway, speed limit warning, signal violation warning, dangerous location warnings and green light optimization speed consultation.

Buick’s V2X technology for fast data connection and transmission helps analyze complex and unexpected situations beyond the driver’s line of sight. For example, the out-of-control warning with V2V, alerts the driver if detecting another vehicle ahead and activates anti-lock braking or stability control to prevent a collision. On the other hand, the green light optimization speed advisor with V2I provides the recommended speed to get to the next intersection when the traffic light is green.

In China, the V2X technology pack is available for the GL8 Avenir 2021 for 10,000 yuan ($ 1,526).

In addition, the GL8 ES variant now has more than 20 advanced driver assistance features, including mid-lane navigation assist, traffic jam assist, door detection and warning … Automatic sequence, forward collision warning, modern lighting mirror and 360 degree surround view system are also included as standard.

Molly Peck, executive director of Buick Sales and Marketing at SAIC-GM said: “New features show the continued growth of Buick’s flagship car, setting a new standard in the automotive industry. about safety and smart driving “

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