YouTuber made his own paragliding with 50 electric motors and took a test flight

After many failed tests, YouTube finally successfully took off with its “makeshift” homemade paramotor. If you are knowledgeable and skillful enough, you can make everything yourself, even if it’s a paramotor. For example, a YouTuber named Peter Sripol recently built a paraglider using a 3D printer, 50 drone motors, and an unimaginable amount of adhesive tape.

Peter Sripol has made it clear from the start that his homemade plane is not about performance, but about its outlandish appearance. For those of you unfamiliar with the term paramotor, it is considered a form of ultralight aviation. It relies on a paraglider and a set of motors that the user must wear on his back, with the motor providing enough thrust to enable take-off.

Sripol’s homemade paramotor was built using drone parts, a 3D printer, and lots of tape to hold everything together. Sripol even glued the battery packs that power the electric motor. As a result, this paramotor is indeed very light, but its flight time is limited to only 5 minutes, if you can keep everything working as expected. In addition, when operating, it is also annoyingly noisy.

In the video, Sripol does a number of test flights to show everyone how its work, and a few times it fails completely. One test flight ended badly when he lost a motor in mid-air because some screws were loose, and on another attempt the motor stopped working, rendering it impossible to take off. But anyway, this homemade project is really interesting, and can bring moments of entertainment to viewers.

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