YouTuber shows how to make a tiny electric motorcycle with a pair of Volkswagen Beetle fenders

The homemade electric motorbike of “HennyButabi” seems to run very smoothly and comfortably despite its simple appearance.

Volkswagen Beetle is a model that seems to have stood the test of time, and has become an immortal symbol in the hearts of car enthusiasts. Even now, 2 years after it stopped producing completely, there are still many people in the world working on some personal project with a Beetle in their garage. One of them is YouTuber “HennyButabi”.

“HennyButabi” is an engineer with a passion for urban vehicles, and in a new video, he shows everyone how to build an electric motorcycle using a Volkswagen Beetle fender, a car lovingly named the Volkspod. If you find the Volkspod somewhat familiar, that’s because it made a bit of a splash back in 2019 when Brent Walter introduced this idea to the world.

The work of “HennyButabi” started with a pair of Volkswagen Beetle fenders. His task was to turn them into a uniformly symmetrical structure that would serve as the bodywork for the Volkspod. After a long time of welding, grinding, smoothing, and polishing, the bodywork also gradually took shape with a symmetrical design that a fender cannot achieve. Best of all, the headlights stay in the center position, and look perfect for this odd little vehicle.

Next it was time to gather the essentials like the electric motor and battery pack, and then craft a skeleton. Using a homemade pipe bender for 35mm tubes, the engineer got to work shaping things like the fork and chassis. The frame must be sturdy enough to support components such as the battery pack, powertrain, and driver. Then comes the installation of things like the wheels, saddle, and pedals.

Since the primer has already been applied, “HennyButabi” only needs to apply a layer of color paint to complete the construction of his Volkspod. Finally, the car is equipped with a pair of 350-watt electric motors, two controllers, and two batteries. Thanks to these equipment, it can reach speeds of up to 32 km / h, and operate within a range of about 13 km. Not bad for a homemade electric motorbike to ride around the neighborhood.

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