YouTuber Vietnam homemade Ferrari 488 GTB supercar only about 1000 USD.

NHAT TV’s homemade Ferrari 488 GTB supercar has attracted the attention of many international car enthusiasts. The cost to make this car is only about 1000 USD.

Owning a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar is every car lover’s dream. The reason is easy to understand because they are the most expensive, rare and fastest cars in the world. Unfortunately, only a few people have the financial potential to own a Ferrari. So, if you want to buy a Ferrari but can’t afford the cost, what can you do?

The Vietnamese boy of YouTube channel “KNOW TV” decided to make a homemade Ferrari 488 GTB and presented the 60-day manufacturing process.

In the first part of a new 30-minute video published February 14, 2021, THAT TV shows how to build a super low-cost Ferrari, starting with assembling the chassis and chassis together before proceed to mount each body panel and spray paint. The chassis appears to be completely steel, while the body panels are made of fiberglass and stuck together with glue.

Once finished and painted red all over, the car is “essentially” like a Ferrari. Of course everyone can tell that this is not real, but it is a commendable effort with inspiration from the Ferrari 488 GTB.

In the next part of the video, we see the owner driving a $ 1,000 Ferrari running around the countryside where he lives. The owner said the car can reach a maximum speed of 60 km / h when “fully depressing the gas”, and the engine makes a very high noise, but importantly it is enough to attract the attention of the others.

In particular, NHAT TV’s homemade Ferrari has attracted the attention of many international YouTubers, and received many positive praise and cheers. Unfortunately, this vehicle will not be allowed on public transport streets for obvious reasons.

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