ZipCharge Go – A handy portable electric vehicle charger, as small as a suitcase

ZipCharge Go is a very promising product, capable of helping to reduce the worry of “out of power in the middle of the road” of many people.

While everyone sees the benefits of electric vehicles, the reality is that existing infrastructure in many parts of the world is not yet ready for the transition from fossil fuels. So, a portable electric vehicle charger that can be used for personal use, wherever you need it, is certainly a useful step in that direction. ZipCharge company recently unveiled its Go charger, at COP26 (United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021, and they claim it will be a revolutionary product).

According to ZipCharge, Go is a compact, portable, lightweight power bank with a modern design and smart features. It looks like a suitcase with wheels and is about the same size. It comes with a retractable handle and wheels so you can easily take it to where your electric vehicle is parked. As for charging, the ZipCharge Go needs about 30 minutes to provide a range of up to 32 km, which is enough to help electric vehicle drivers navigate their daily commutes.

It will have an integrated communication module to support smart charging and provide other useful features such as over-the-air updates, remote diagnostics, and tracking technology. Furthermore, a 2-way AC-DC inverter also turns the Go into an energy storage device, and when not in use, it will be able to sell energy back to the grid at peak times.

Users will be able to manage the charger remotely via an app, and the built-in AI (artificial intelligence) system will allow ZipCharge to learn the user’s charging patterns on its own. In this way, the device will make suggestions for optimized charging according to the time frame of the day.

In addition, ZipCharge also focuses on making the Go charger as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, so its outer shell will be made from recycled plastic. The British startup’s ambition is to eventually produce all its chargers from recycled materials, which it hopes to achieve in the second half of this decade.

The Go EV charger will be sold as an initial one-time payment (no specific price yet), or through a monthly subscription that will cost around £49 per month. month. ZipCharge plans to deliver the first units in Q4 2022

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