General Motors is about to launch a new low-cost electric car, which can run 305 km after charging

Wuling AirEV is likely to be positioned higher than the “elder” Hongguang Mini EV, but the price is not too different.

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV can be said to be a phenomenon of the automotive world in the past 2 years. Since its launch in July 2020, this model has regularly been in the No. 1 position in the electric car segment in the Chinese market in terms of sales.

Taking advantage of this success, the Wuling sub-brand of a joint venture between General Motors (GM) and Chinese partner SAIC is about to launch a new electric car model. According to some sources, this electric car model will be called by the name Wuling AirEV.

Not long ago, paparazzi in China caught sight of Wuling AirEV on the street. At the time, these electric cars were being carried in cages.

Similar to the elder Hongguang Mini EV, Wuling AirEV is also a small urban electric car, born to run on short distances. Externally, the Wuling AirEV still possesses a design inspired by the Japanese kei car line.

Wuling AirEV is equipped with a daytime positioning LED strip that crosses the front of the car and extends to the exterior mirror cover. This detail promises to make a strong impression on the viewer.

Below the LED daytime running lights is the car’s charging port with the cap integrated with the silver logo of the Wuling brand. Next is the headlight cluster which is quite large and is surrounded by a black border. Unfortunately, this model is only equipped with Halogen headlights, not LED lights. In addition, Wuling AirEV also has a central air vent and fog lights located on the unpainted front bumper.

On the side, the Wuling AirEV has some interesting design details such as the rear window extending downwards, reaching the shoulder line, and the door handles are located on the B-pillar. This model has only 2 side doors and is equipped with quite small rims.

Behind the Wuling AirEV appears a slender rear light cluster and lies across the rear of the car, similar to the LED daytime running lights at the front. In addition, there are rectangular vertical taillights and a 2-color rear bumper.

In general, Wuling AirEV owns a unique, bold exterior design and promises to attract younger customers than the elder Hongguang Mini EV. Meanwhile, the interior design of this new electric car has a layout quite similar to the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV Gameboy.

Inside the car, Wuling AirEV is equipped with a 2-spoke steering wheel, rear digital display. In the high-end version, the car promises to be equipped with 2 screens.
Inparticular, Wuling AirEV also has a travel range of 305 km after fully charging the battery, significantly higher than its senior. Versions of the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV currently have a travel range of 120 – 170 km. Particularly, the Gameboy version can run 280 km after fully charging the battery.

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