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The funny reason why this species “transforms” into a super monster

The largest super monster ever to walk the Earth’s continents was the result of a spectacular evolution, when their small ancestors developed a need to … eat more.

This somewhat comical reason made sauropods – the giant long-necked dinosaurs – the dominant Jurassic species, although at that time most other species faced tragedy, even later extinction. when the environment was turned upside down by the super volcanic disaster.

But after all, instinct to seek food has always been an important factor in promoting the evolution of Earth creatures. With the super monster sauropod, it has developed a set of large and strong jaws, inside are large teeth with thick enamel. Their necks are also getting longer and longer compared to their ancestors, their legs are bigger and stronger, like pavilions. Their intestines are also increasing in size.

According to a team from the Egidio Feruglio Museum of Paleontology (Argentina), the “transformation” it on makes it easier for the dinosaur to pick up leaves on the upper reaches of conifers – plants that still grow well and Abundant amid harsh environments, but “hard to swallow” with most other dinosaurs.

The large intestine also helps them to eat only once a lot and then wait for digestion for many days, instead of struggling to find daily food sources.

The discovery comes from an analysis of sediments containing Bagualia alba, a species of sauropod that lived between 179 and 145 million years ago.

Thanks to the above change, not only not being extinct like many other small sauropods, the Jurassic global super volcanic disaster seems to be a chance for Bagualia alba and other sauropods to multiply and repel. Herbivores compete and dominate continents.

The work has just been published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

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