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Xiaomi can release 200 W fast charging for the phone.

Xiaomi may introduce a 200 W fast charging system next year, double the most advanced mobile charging technologies available today.
Phone charging speed has seen great leaps in recent times. From 30-40 W in 2018 to 65 W and even 120 W this year. Thanks to that, users can fully charge the smartphone within 30 minutes.

However, this number will be “outdated” compared to the charging technology that is being researched by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi owns 120 W charging technology, but in the future this figure can be raised to 200 W. Photo: Android Authority.
According to Weibo Digital Chat Station account, the charging system “200W +” on the phone may be released next year, along with advanced technologies such as folding screen, 2K resolution.

For comparison, the iPhone 12 that Apple introduced in October is one of the most powerful smartphones in 2020, possessing many advanced features but the maximum charging speed is only 20 W.

Right now the 120 W charger is a very impressive experience. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with 4,500 mAh battery can recharge in 21 minutes.

However, Android Authority notes that the device is very hot when using this charger. Similarly, Oppo has had some issues with battery life on phones that support 125W charging.

According to Android Authority, it is unlikely that the 200 W charger is a good technology and necessary for users. Theoretically, it could make the device hotter and drain the battery more than the 120 W charger.

Therefore, manufacturers should focus on optimizing the 50 W charging solution rather than racing to the 200 W mark.

Digital Chat Station also revealed next year Xiaomi will launch a foldable smartphone with a selfie camera hidden underneath. The second detail has been confirmed by the company, especially for folding phones is still open.

The Chinese technology company has demonstrated a foldable device, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Fold design, but so far the product has not appeared on the market.

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