Tesla started a new trend, equipped with a super large screen for the back seat

An image allegedly leaked from the new Model S / Model X has been posted to the Tesla Romania car user community by an account named Vlad Ionut Coste. Although quickly taken down, these photos, if true, will still be an extremely high quality upgrade and promise to change the minds of those who are still hesitant to “close the order” to buy the above 2 lines.

Specifically, the mini entertainment screen for the rear seats on these two models seems to be replaced with a significantly larger screen, and the user interface and design look more modern. The comments surrounding the image above (before they were removed) all show that the screen resolution seems to have also been enhanced, although this element is not really visible.

Tesla did not comment on the above information, but the American brand made no secret that it has been developing technology that allows rear seat passengers to directly connect Bluetooth headphones to the rear entertainment screen for months. Perhaps a new display with more advanced hardware will help Tesla achieve this goal?

In addition to the Model S / X, Tesla’s best-selling model, the Model 3, is also waiting for a major upgrade that further simplifies the interior of the car, improves the exterior to make it less boring and updates technology.

In addition, their design director also revealed the possibility that an unknown new name line of the company is approaching the launch date. In addition, both the Tesla Cybertruck pickup and the Roadster sports car are expected to go into assembly from the end of 2023

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