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Strange story: Toyota, Lexus car fitted Yamaha engine

Yamaha is the world’s leading producer of musical instruments, and Toyota has reason to ask Yamaha to build engines for its flagship Lexus luxury vehicle.

If you compare the history of automobile production between Toyota and Yamaha, it is probably a cross. Because Yamaha was never identified as an automobile company, although it also created a few super cars but never sold it commercially.

But under the hood, Toyota’s Lexus LFA contains engines entirely designed and manufactured by Yamaha. This is a 4.8-liter V10 engine rated by experts to have a strong performance on the road with the ability to push the car to 352 km / h.

What’s even more interesting is that Toyota not only places its trust in Yamaha for a powerful engine, but also relies on top-of-the-line sound technology that Yamaha holds to produce incredibly exhilarating sound for the driver. Hardly any car has a sweeter engine noise than a Lexus LFA.

In fact, Toyota is a familiar customer who specializes in ordering engines from Yamaha. Toyota’s Celica, MR2 or even Rav4 feature Yamaha’s 3S-GE engines.

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