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Toyota GR Supra, a sports car “automatic drift” at high speed

A study of new self-driving technology is created at Toyota Research Institute. According to this new test, the Toyota GR Supra can “drift automatically” at high speeds.

Specifically, Applying the latest technology to research and make cars safer and safer is the first priority of every manufacturer. According to the homepage of the Toyota Research Institute (TRI), their engineering team is researching how to combine the instincts of professional drivers and autonomous driving technology on the new Toyota GR Supra.

Essentially, their goal is to design a new level of active safety technology and share it widely so that Toyota and other automakers can deploy it on the road. In other words, they have come up with the perfect way to combine mission-critical work with speed fun by taking a prototype Toyota GR Supra and letting it drift with driving technology. auto car.

This is not a dedicated Supra to drift, but it is clear that it is on a different level when it is possible to self-drift without the hand of the driver.

Of course, TRI did not create this particular Toyota Supra for fun, as it was actually part of their safety technology research. “Every day, there are fatal car accidents stemming from difficult situations where most drivers will need extraordinary skills to avoid a collision,” said Gill Pratt, CEO of TRI and CSO at Toyota Motor Corporation ( TMC), said.

“Since 2008, our lab has inspired real-world racers to design algorithms that allow vehicles to automatically handle the most challenging emergency situations,” said Professor Chris Gerdes. of the Stanford University Dynamic Design Laboratory said. This is the unit that cooperated with TRI to create the Supra that knows drfit itself as we see in the video above.

Not only for better safety technology research and development, TRI also partnered with the dynamics team at Toyota Motor Corporation to apply data obtained from its work to Toyota vehicles. Future.

Therefore, we can dream that future Toyota cars will have automatic drift manufacturing.

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