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Toyota Hilux in Australia must recall because of lack of labels

15 Toyota Hilux cars sold to the Australian market have just received a recall due to the lack of labels proving that the car meets the standards before being distributed to the market.

Shortly after being distributed by Toyota in Australia, the facelifted Toyota Hilux 2020 had a rather rare problem resulting in a recall due to a lack of a mandatory compliance label to certify that these vehicles met the criteria. Australian standards. According to Toyota, these cars were supposed to be issued during local port handling but that was not done.

This recall campaign included 15 Hilux 2020, produced between 1/6 to 4/8/2020. Owners of these 15 vehicles were contacted by the manufacturer via text message, email or contacted by phone number to inform about the recall program.

Labeling is estimated to take around 30 minutes depending on dealers’ schedules, owners of the Hilux may have to wait a longer time.

In Australia, Toyota Hilux is distributed to 5 versions, including: Down Under (WorkMate), SR, SR5, Rogue and Rugged X. Depending on the version, customers can choose different cabin types. These variants come with a choice of 2.4 liter turbo diesel and 2.7 liter petrol engine.

Prices will vary by state but will range from $ 29,000 for WorkMate and up to AU $ 74,000 for Rugged X.

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