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Watch the special Toyota Supra A90 – 950 horsepower, fastest in the world, drag racing less than 9 seconds or less

The Toyota Supra A90 is a high performance car. In this video, the Toyota Supra A90 is said to be the fastest car ever.

Since the new generation of Toyota Supra A90 started to be delivered to customers, owners and aftermarket population have quickly found ways to increase horsepower and improve performance. Recently, the Supra owned by a couple living in the US has confidently declared itself the fastest in the world.

As we all know, the current generation Supra does not have an engine developed by Toyota like the previous generations, and instead, it is fitted with a 6-cylinder B58 engine from BMW. This is not a problem, however, as this engine has proven itself to be both easy and reliable.

The Supra A90 in the video above has received many necessary equipment to make it much faster than the genuine standard version. For example, it carries a larger booster, new plunger tubes, rods, gongs, and gaskets, and also has a 2-stage nitrogen tank system with 1 for use at start. and 1 for the rest of the mile (more than 400 meters) drag race. Furthermore, the car now has air intakes located at the headlights.

With all that extra gear, the engine now produces 950 hp, or about 900 hp in the rear wheel. Responsible for sending all power to the ground are the aftermarket wheels with the beadlock at the back and wrapped in drag racing tires for maximum grip.

During a recent appearance at the Palm Beach International Raceway, this particular Toyota Supra MKV recorded impressive mile runs in an eight-second period, with the fastest run time of 8.78 seconds at speed 246.26 km / h. By comparison, a standard Supra A90 takes about 12.5 seconds to complete the ¼ mile journey.

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