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Volvo cars were free-dropped for rescue drills.

Volvo produced its toughest ever test, its test cars dropped freely from a height of 30 meters.

The purpose of this test is to help rescue workers practice quickly to rescue victims stuck inside the vehicle.

Usually, rescue professionals only practice with vehicles at the Volvo Safety Center, but this does not fully simulate real-world accidents.

Dropping the vehicle from a height of 30 meters helps faithfully reproduce damage in the toughest crash situations. The first priority when rescuing traffic accidents is to get the victim out of the vehicle as soon as possible. Injured patient should be rescued and taken to hospital within one hour of the accident.

Hakan Gustafson, senior expert at Volvo’s Traffic Accident Research Group, says free-dropping the vehicle from above helps rescue workers practice the rescue more practically.

Volvo dropped a total of 10 vehicles of different lines for research and rescue drills. All information about this study session will be made available to lifeguards around the world free of charge.

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