Cyclocar – electric flying car carrying 6 people, maximum speed of 250 km / h

During the past week, a Russian government scientific institute released official information about its Cyclocar project. This car can carry 6 people, a maximum speed of up to 250 km / h.

Following electric cars, flying cars is perhaps another major concern in the tuning world at the moment. Over time, we have come across many aircraft development projects from many different places, and most of them are still in the experimental phase. Today, we will know another interesting project to develop flying cars, and this time the electric Cyclocar flying car from Russia.

Specifically, the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects has begun to research and create a Cyclocar groundbreaking vehicle, and it will be able to carry up to six people. The car’s engine is fully electric, but a hybrid version will also be developed.

According to the organization’s announcement, the full-sized electric Cyclocar prototype is scheduled to take off in 2022. The machine will be able to carry a payload of about 600 kg, equivalent to the average weight of six adults. in Russia. Passengers can enter the vehicle from both sides and from the rear. The creation of this unique flying car has been carried out within the framework of the Cyclone project.

The Institute of Thermal Physics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Foundation is developing this vehicle. Experts created the preliminary design of the flying car and conducted ground tests on the recirculating engine. Furthermore, they also carried out a test flight of a prototype weighing about 60 kg.

In the next year, the development team promises to carry out test flights of the full-size prototype. It will be powered by a pure electric motor. Meanwhile, the commercial version is promised to hit the market within three years at an undisclosed price.

The prototype will measure 6.2 x 6 meters, travel at speeds up to 250 km / h and have a range of 500 km. Thanks to the cyclical operating propellers, it will be compact in nature, fast vector control of thrust and low noise. With the fully electric powertrain, it of course won’t release any emissions either.

Cyclocar will be able to land on surfaces that are inclined 30 degrees, and parked on vertical surfaces. Operating this flying car will be “as simple as driving modern cars”, by a pilot directly sitting on or with a control point on the ground, like a drone.

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